So I picked up this set about a year ago not knowing much about it other than the family I bought it from ran it around their Christmas tree for a looong time. Box says it’s a 1115, and since the only cataloged set I can find for that number is a scout set I would assume it’s a promotional item. There’s space for another car in it but I don’t see any markings left in the box like a car normally leaves, like small indents from the wheels or other parts. It doesn’t have a lid either so I do not know if there might have been a master list inside it to tell me what might be missing if anything. Any backstory on this Alabama-found oddity? Any idea what it might be worth?



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I agree, most likely for the O27 track.  A set with a transformer included would have also had some track, possibly just a full circle no straights.


According to Greenberg's guide to uncatalogued sets outfit 1115 was sold by general retailers unknown which one,but was aimed at the Canadian market...there is a pic of the set on page are missing a 6045 tank car....good find.....joe

Listed as 1960  and valued at $275-575...But note, my book is way out of date....the tank car is most likely a common I think it's worth the effort....cheers...joe


Here is my 227 version...FA6AFBFD-A784-4B4C-83F4-5AF68B498FCC

Christmas morning 1965 

Lionel uncatalogued  set # X616 

purchased from EJ Korvettes in North Brunswick NJ

For some reason mine was missing the Ford on the General flat car and was replaced with a plastic stock car.



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