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Thanks very much for this info.

I recently got a beautiful MTH 1/48 scale UP tank car, single dome.  I was lucky, because the couplers on this MTH car work great with the Lionel knuckle couplers on my other cars.   When I hooked the tank car to the little switcher, it looked really ridiculous, almost like an HO engine pulling an O gauge car.

I really like the little switcher, so I think I'll just use it to pull my 1920s Lionel tinplate train of cars.   The size matches up pretty nicely.


Lionel’s website shows this switcher is Traditional O Gauge, so not 1/48 scale.

You're correct, but be careful here.  Almost all 'Traditional' products are not scale-sized, however some of them are; like F3's for instance, and there are others.  We're told often that these few measure correctly to scale but are labeled 'Traditional', not because of size or proportions but because of lack of detail.


Based on the measurements in an image on this thread: Scale-sized Legacy docksider possible? | O Gauge Railroading On Line Forum ( which is from the Model Railroader Cyclopedia of Steam, I compared my NYC version.

Overall length, not including couplers or steps: 29'2" = 7.29" Measured: 7-1/4"

Railhead to top of cab: Prototype: 11'11", scale: 2.97", Measured: 3"

rear to mid axle: Prototype 4'6", scale: 1.125" = 1-1/8", Measured: 1-1/8"

mid to front axle: Prototype: 5'6", scale 1.375" = 1-3/8", Measured: 1-3/8"

rear axle to rear of frame: Prototype: 11'3", scale 2.8125" = 2-13/16", Measured: 2-13/16"

I'd say it's pretty much spot on for scale, assuming that drawing is correct.

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