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I repaired this accessory by taking it apart since screws holding it together broke off the mounting bosses.  
now that I have it running I see the base is spinning faster than the upper rotor that has the poles with horses

I’ve taken it apart a few times to realign it so the poles are vertical but within a half revolution they are leaning backwards and binding.  The upper rotor is lagging the turntable base.  It’s all driven by one motor so if designed correctly it should be in sync I believe.

anyone got any ideas??  I’m stuck at this point.  It’s been on my work bench for months and it’s close to being a static display. but I hate to give up.

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Ok I found that the horses upper ring was not moving with the floor so it was binding the horse ring assembly needed another 1/4 inch axial movement when assembling to get the gear that drives the horses in proper position.
however now the gear that is driven by the motor and floor does not engage the gear that drives the upper ring with the horses.
see pictures.  They are now axial aligned but radially they are off positions so no meshing takes place. The gear shafts are in proper position in their respective holes.  Everything seems lined up.
Any ideas? IMG_8836IMG_8835


Images (2)
  • IMG_8836: Gear shaft in place
  • IMG_8835: No gear mesh

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