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This is exciting news. Here's a short (not really) list of items I want to see in the new catalog:

New Locos (with 4-digit addressing, of course):

-GEVO Hybrid remake with multiple liveries

-Legacy ET44AC/ET44C4 (new tooling)

-SD70ACe-T4 (new tooling)

-Erie/Virginian Triplex (former MTH tooling)

-Big Blow Turbine (former MTH tooling)

-SD50 (using Lionel's SD60 tooling)

-GP60/GP60M/GP60B (former MTH tooling)

-F45/FP45 (former MTH tooling)

-AC4400CW/C44ACM, BNSF AC44C4M, NS AC44C6M (former MTH tooling)

-U28C/U30C/ATSF U28CG/U33C

-Four Axle U-Boats (former MTH tooling)

-GE Dash-7 Line locos

-New ATSF/BNSF B40-8Ws

-Still hoping for a Vision Siemens Charger (3rd Rail is making Chargers, so I don't think this will happen, but it should).

-New Rolling Stock:

-Vision Ethanol Tank Cars

-Modern Vision Box Cars

-Intermodal Well Cars with Freightsounds in containers

-Santa Fe Superchief 21" Passenger Consist

-Santa Fe El Capitan Consist

-Amtrak Superliners

Also, what is the estimated ship date of the new Base-3? I'm also waiting for the next video update on the Cab-3 App and Base-3.

I do not expect to see any items that require new tooling.  I think we will only see current Lionel offerings and their recent MTH purchases for the near term, and maybe in new liveries.  I know there are many folks looking to get an ex-MTH engine with Legacy so we should see those.  Myself, my PS2/3 engines are running just fine.

I was hoping Lionel acquired the MTH PRR A5 tooling, but their recent re-re-re-release of their old K-Line tooling indicates they either do not have it or they buried it in favor of their own product.  So, unless they issue cars in the pre-1954 REA scheme, without the red diamond which nobody seems to want but me, I again will pass on their products.

Also, I hope I am wrong.

I just got an email from Train World that they are having an on-line Vol. 2 catalog preview session in mid-August so I assume the next catalog will be released around that time.
Just a head’s up for any of you who were wondering.
(And you know who you are!)      

I really am not looking for a rehash of former MTH products with a 25%+ price increase.  Give us something new that we don't have. 

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