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To you and VinceL's points, as much as the Exorcist car creeped me out, I love the Area 51 diner and accessories.  Very fun and creative ideas from Lionel.  I have the MTH Harley-Davidson diner, and it is one my favorite accessories.  The sounds and action are awesome, and it's been a very reliable operator for years.  If I had room on my layout, I would have put an Area51 scene in, too.  It's a great way to add fun UFO stuff without being too out of this world crazy/whimsical because they actually celebrate area 51 in New Mexico.


This is such a great hobby. In general, I agree with Iron Horse on the idea of having fun stuff on the layout but without it being too out of this world crazy/whimsical. Then I come across something like Menard’s U.F.O. Cow Abduction Scene (product 279-4439) which is completely off the wall. It’s so transcendentally whacky, I would not hesitate to put it on my layout. It perfectly expresses the plight of a hapless cow that floats upward in a UFO’s tractor beam. The farmer has a rope on the cow and is putting up a valiant tug of war against alien cattle rusting. Meanwhile his loyal dog is holding two of the aliens at bay. I must admit that I find it a bit unnerving how much I like the floating cow. Because the recently cancelled Lionel Exorcist car also had a floating item – a possessed girl. Floating cow – funny, whimsical. Floating possessed girl – not so much.

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Well here is my order out this catalog two big boys 4014 oil burning and 4024 Greyhound along with the 4 pack passenger the 2 pack passenger and the station sounds diner car, the UP vision caboose in yellow the mickey and Minnie handcar in red the Nascar 75 anniversary boxcar and a late addition trainworld/rbp Katy es44

Go Big or go home!  I "only" ordered 1 big boy and had to pass on the passenger cars... of course, my "one big boy" will come with the Big Boy super set so there is that.

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