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Need one of these (complete) in working condition for kids layout. Doesn't need to be beautiful, just works well without rust or corrosion and having all parts. Already have the car.

I have what you want. I have tested it and tuned it to operate well. Attached is a photo.


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I have at least three (3) #3656 cattle car/corral sets that are currently stored in cardboard boxes in my house. They've been in storage for a long time; as such, I'm currently unable to specify their respective functional condition and cosmetic appearance. Please let me know if you are considering acquiring one or more extra cars and/or corrals for operational purposes or as a future source for potential replacement parts. If so, I'll unpack, test, photograph, and rate each item for you.

I am quite eager to dispose of all or any portion of my cattle car-related stuff for a "pittance"- -i.e., "a deal for you have I got"! 

This offer is, of course, open to all Forum readers. Those of you in the Lionel train repair/refurbishment business may wish to buy the entire lot- -at the very least, a great opportunity to stock up on cattle cars and associated replacement parts for a proverbial "song."

Bob G (WNY)

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