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I purchased the set and set it up under the tree for an older couple last week.  I was quite impressed!  We liked the bright colors of the engine and caboose, it ran and smoked well , the engine announcements were nice, the 2 lighted cars looked great and for icing on the cake, one of the lighted cars also played Christmas music that sounded like actual musical instruments were used to record the songs.  My friends were thrilled  and I admired the value that went into the set.

If you are looking for a train set that says "CHRISTMAS!"  I do not think you will be disappointed.

Well done Lionel!

Merry Christmas


I like this set and it is one of the higher value (meaning you get a lot for the price) sets. The engine is a good series and pulls nicely.

But, here is the problem- several sets that came locally through the store had the wiring for the drawbar pulled so tight when they were factory assembled that in short order- they ripped the wiring for the speaker and sounds right out of the drawbar connector. Again, what we found was that whoever assembled them bundled the excess but required wire length for the drawbar inside the engine and used the clear rubber band to tie it up inside the shell. This is not OK and the first turn the engine makes, the drawbar swings and yanks on those wires and solder joint.

This is one engine I highly recommend inspecting that area and wiring to the drawbar before running it.

Again, this is a really good set for value- but if, and I'm saying if, you get one that has no slack in the drawbar wiring, then the risk is high minimally of losing sounds and worse can blow the board if that then yanked and broken wire then touches any frame metal.

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