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I took this thing apart to re-paint and change a few things before putting it on the layout. The colors definitely had to change. I removed the ladder cages, all of the incandescent lights, the blinking red light in the roof, the base, filled in all the holes with putty, and enclosed the hollow legs. Its all back together now, all it needs it the 2 LEDs above the door and the chute. Then it will go on the layout.








I'm not sure why the pix show up blurry, but if you click on them, they are not blurry.


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Put a couple LEDs on it with some Plastruct lamp shades. This tower will be modeled so that the coal cars dump directly under the tower since there is no chute underneath. Steam engines will be fueled on the outside track where the chute is. Space limitations made that decision for us


 It's finished now and ready to be installed. Got a better picture with better lighting. 






It will sit right between the water column and the ash hoist. The wood base is already in, but covered with coal/dirt for this photo.


dtbg final


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Thanks Alex,


I don't think so right now as plane tickets are absolutely ridiculous.  We had every intention of going until we shopped for plane tickets. We been watching all year and I just refuse to pay that kind of money to fly... I could buy another Legacy steam engine for that price


I even planned a week of vacation during that York weekend, and now I gotta figured out something else to do........ hmmmmmm what to do, what to do?

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Glenn the hardest part was getting the thing apart. Screws and glue hold it together but I was able to get it apart without breaking anything.


I used spray cans to paint everything. A light grey primer for the main body, brown for all the walk ways, platforms, and ladders, then black for the roof sections. Then I put it back together, clear coated with a flat, then weathered with an ink/alcohol wash and weathering powders.  

Yes, I imagined that taking it apart might be a lot of work, and I don't think I'm up for that right now - maybe a future go-around.  I'd just like to knock down some of the in-your-face tan color for now.  It's pretty stark, even for a out of the box Lionel product.


I know nothing of weathering powders but I'll take a look at them.


Again, really nice job!

Originally Posted by John23:

One thing that puzzles me with this type of tower is how was the coal raised up to the storage bin?  I don't see any kind of hoist or conveyor.

The coal is conveyed by a "bucket" that delivers coal from an underground coal pit.  This detail does not show very well since it is on the back side of the model in the photos. On the model I am building there is included a covered coal shed where hopper cars on a separate track dump coal into an underground bin.

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If you look closely at this photo in full size, you can see the tracks/rails on the back of the coaling tower. Because we were limited on space, and the tracks are on a curve, we modeled this facility so the coal cars unload/dump to a pit directly underneath the coal tower. The bucket (which really doesn't exist on this model) is down in the pit to raise the coal to the top and dump inside the tub. There is no chute underneath the center anyway, so we unload raw material underneath, and load the engines with the chute on the outside (outbound) track.


Just like the sand house not being next to the track, we will use a conveyor to unload the sand hopper to transfer sand to the sand bin. Not really how we wanted to do it, would rather have the sand bin right next to the track, but because these tracks are on a curve, the articulated engines would not clear the structure.


In the real world, a lot of these service structures were crammed in small spaces, even more so in the O scale modeling world. We had to get them all in, with limited space, so the imagination has to come into play a little bit here.





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