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I have just finished creating a new layout using Lionel Fastrack with Lionel Command Control switches.  I plan to use track power to operate.  I operate using DCS and has a TIU etc wired into the layout.  What I want to know is can I simply buy a Legacy Controller to operate the switches, but use my DCS controller to operate the trains?  I am trying to get around wiring in an AIU. 


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You'll need a TMCC or Legacy command base and at least one remote, but no other wiring will be required.  Yes, there's no restriction on operating your locomotives with the DCS system.

AAMOF, I have such a configuration, I have the DZ-2500 command controlled switches and I have DCS and Legacy on the system.  I run my DCS locomotives with the DCS remote and my Lionel locomotives and the switches with the Lionel remotes.  I don't have any AIU's connected, they're still resting in a box under the layout.

Thank you for your replies.  I believe there is good information there.  My entire history with O Scale has been with MTH.  About 6 years ago, or so, I built a large layout using all MTH track, switches, and operating power.  I am familiar with the TIU, AIU, hand controller, and of course the Z4000 to the point I am comfortable using them.  I was seriously disappointed with the MTH switches which is why I opted for Lionel Command Control switches for my present layout.  I know very little about Lionel TMCC etc, so what you have said is enlightening if I understand it correctly. 

I can go ahead and use my TIU for operating my DCS rolling stock.  I do not need to install and wire up an AIU to control the Lionel Command Control switches, but only need purchase a Lionel remote for switch control.  I  have inferred from your replies that there is a difference between the Legacy remote and TMCC base remote.  Is this correct?



There's no difference functionally when it comes to operating your command control switches.

There's a bigger difference from a user interface point of view.  You basically have 4 choices:

  1.)  6-12969, Classic TMCC Command Set (Cab1/Base1); does TMCC Only

   2a.)  6-37155, CAB-1L Remote Controller; does TMCC and most of Legacy

   2b.)  Base-1L, Part of 6-37147, Cab-1L/Base-1L Command Set; does TMCC and most of Legacy

  3.)  6-14295, Legacy Command Set (#990), Cab2/Base2; does TMCC and all of Legacy

   4.)  2208010, Base-3, No Cab3 will be produced; you'll need to use use an existing SmartPhone, a Cab2, or a Cab1L with this; does TMCC and all of Legacy, but depends specifically on which Cab you use with it.

Be aware that the Cab1/Base1, Cab2/Base2 and Base 1L are no longer manufactured, only Cab1L.  Also, Base3 is forthcoming and not yet in production.


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I believe I understand what you are saying, but I also believe I would have to run power wires to each switch.  I have 19 switches in place which means I would have to tear up my layout to install the wiring to each switch.  I know, I should have done this before I installed the track, but I was not that familiar with Lionel Command/Control switches.  It is too bad they do not have external wiring points similar to MTH switches.  If you know some way of doing it without pulling up the switches, I am all ears.  Thank you.

It appears for me to convert my Lionel Command Control switches to constant power, I will have to remove them from my layout and change the wiring underneath.  I know that I have to remove the jumper, but I am confused about only one wire added in the AUX terminal.  I have a GW-180 Lionel transformer which gives me a programmable constant voltage terminal on the back.  I will use this for my constant power.  I do not understand why only one wire runs to the AUX terminal on the switch.  I plan on installing a bus powered by the GW-180 programmable output accessories terminal.  Usually, two wires are needed for powering anything, one hot, and one ground.  Will someone put me out of my misery and explain what I have to do?  Am I making this more complicated than it really is?  Thank you in advance.

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