Lionel Consolidation 6-28086 Odyssey 1 speed issue

I am trying to run a TMCC consolidation locomotive (circa 2001) in conventional mode.  At high voltage the locomotive barely moves forwards or backwards.  It also lurches as opposed to crawling forward or backward.  I unplugged the speed sensor from the DCDS board and the locomotive runs fine conventionally.  I assume that this means that the DCDS board is probably bad but I would value anyone's experience or thoughts to make sure that I am not overlooking something.

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PaperTRW posted:

You likely have conventional speed control turned-on.

To turn it off, follow the instructions on page 5 of your locomotive manual:

As for the lurching, your locomotive has a very early version of the Odyssey system, and it's not anywhere near as smooth as later iterations.


Thanks TRW.  You nailed it!  I tried doing it earlier with an old ZW transformer (modified with surge and quick blow fuses) but the bell/whistle control as everyone knows is not precise.  I reset it with a CW80 transformer I had instead.

You might consider checking the flywheel magnet ring, if that's coming loose, it will cause oddball behavior.  I wouldn't run it before checking, as if it is slipping, it'll soon get out of balance and be broken, then you'll have to pull the flywheel to use the repair flywheel/magnet kit.  If it's just loose, some CA adhesive will stick it back in place.

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