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Hi all:

which Lionel controllers are most compatible with MTH subway sets running in Locosound, PS1, 2 or 3.

Have many people asking whether their Lionel controllers work to control automode features with PS2 or PS3 without having to add new hardware or switching to MTH controllers.

Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.
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If I understand your question?


You can not operate MTH PS2 or PS3 in command control mode with a Lionel system. MTH PS2 & PS3 operate in conventional mode only with a Lionel command system or transformer. To access the full MTH PS2 & PS3 command features you need the full MTH DCS system.


With the MTH DCS system you can operate Lionel command control engines in TMCC mode only. You will need a Lionel command base to send the TMCC commands through.



Thank you all for your contributions.


So, PS1/Locosound units conventionally controlled seemed best to work with Lionel equipment which makes sense.


As for PS2/PS3 units, when you say TMCC or Legacy does this translate to something like a Lionel zw transformer and a Lionel CAB-1L to a Lionel Base?


If anyone can confirm or share their experience with Lionel equipment that they use or heard of being compatible with  MTH subway units in command/auto mode would be great.


Thank you in advance.




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