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Hi folks, I am working on my Lionel 162 crane and was wondering if anyone can tell me from the photos below which black wire is the inside field and what side is the outer field? Any help would be great!

Also anyone know the proper way to set the gears?


Thanks in advance!


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I worthless on the electrical side.

But I've used notebook paper to set gears in my RC cars. I also roll them by hand afterwards just to be sure but that will usually get me where I need to be. I would think that or perhaps a slightly heavier paper (like printer paper) will do the job. Then grease it up and go! I don't know if it's correct but setting other gears when I didn't have paper has always just been a matter of whether or not it feels like it's meshing right. Nobody ever taught me though. So I could be wrong.

Yeah I'm still on the learning curve when it comes to electricity. I gotta have it spelled out for me, black and white haha luckily, this postwar stuff is usually simple. I'll see what I can find on the internet.

Has the crane bound up or anything lately that might bend a shaft? There's a guy named Dave that might be able to help you. I've bought off of him for years and he's helped me on occasion as I've cleaned up my grandpa's set. I had a book on older Lionel accessories but I'm not sure where it got to. I'll see if I can find it real quick. Maybe the crane is in there.

Morning Chuck,  I see your photos but its hard for me to tell which is the upper/inside lead. I am sorry but I am slow when it comes to things like this, Once I get it once then I have it for life. It just getting it in my thick head.

Here is a video of whats going on. It seams as the solenoids are working to pull the gears where they need to be.


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Hi Chuck, I went out and took everything apart on the crane, I tapped in the bushing that the motor shaft rides threw so that took out the slop between that and the brushes. Lubed it all up did a test run with just the motor and its nice and quite now. Then I did a test with all the gears in place and still nice and quite. Now I have to add the solenoids hooked back up and give it another test run.

Then last but not least hook up the control panel!

Thanks for all your help!

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