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We made 25 or each, except the Monon and B&O and those were 35 each..... as pointed out already, starting with the 2021V1 Catalog, they raised the minimum to 40.

Thanks for clearing that up Steve, I can't wait for the B&O in blue to come, but I guess that is going to take a bit for Harry to get through those. You did order one in blue as well, right?

@GregM posted:

Okay, now I’m confused, with the minimum at 40 starting with the 2021V1 catalog as confirmed in your reply, only 25 or 35 of a custom engine were made.

I seem to recall the increase to 40 coming along with the Consolidations, which would’ve been 2021v2. That would also explain why the Pacifics were made in smaller numbers since they were in 2021v1.

@PSU1980 posted:

Here is a quick video of the NYC 3330 pulling Lionel Milk Cars

Now that is a great video, and pretty good pulling power too. How many cars, I can't count at the moment?

@Mark Boyce posted:

Very nice indeed!  Nice job pacing!  Were you running? 

I'd like to know that too. Looks real nice, good runs.

Mine will be arriving tomorrow.

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