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I'am currently building a D 223 Dealer display. The only difference is i lengthened mine by 1 foot  to 4x9 so i could add the culvert loader to go with the unloader. I'am building it with super o track that thankfully i have a nice supply in ex. condition. I have seen a few of the super o dealer display's built with fastrack and  I just don't get. No matter what people do this track  to enhance it it just does not look good.  Many modeler's , myself included were very disappointed  when lionel came out with this track system and I'm still trying to figure out what void Lionel was trying to fill with it. The road bed is too wide, and rails look like reflective chrome.  If you are going to run trains around the Christmas tree maybe it could reduce the carpet lint but that's it. I refer to as Chinese carpet track.  I did see a D 264 display built with Atlas track and it looked great. 

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Bill, I look forward to some pics of your layout.   Super-O track is excellent, and of course will get you an accurate replica of the original display layout.

Most folks think Fastrack is OK, a reasonable compromise.   Not for building replicas of dealer display layouts, that is not its purpose.   But its a good track system for many purposes - you see beginner layouts and large layouts being built with the stuff.   Personally, I have an oval plus of Super-O that I may use in a layout.   My present layout uses Fastrack, which I like because I do not have to ballast the track, it has a variety of diameters so that I can build ovals of varying diameter and curves using compound curves of two diameters, and easements.   Track without ballast does not look right to my eyes, but that is a personal subjective preference.  I also like the prototypical tie spacing, the hidden switch machines, the non-derail feature and bullet-proof reliability, and the ability to switch turnouts using the TMCC/Legacy remote.   I much prefer Super-O for the better look of the rails, and in particular, the better middle rail.   I also wish that Lionel had tried to resurrect Super-O, but they did not , they came out with Fastrack instead.   Fastrack is a big success for Lionel, and is an excellent first track system for train sets and beginners.   I suppose that Lionel makes  a good profit with it - obviously it can be packaged in a low-cost set, so I surmise that it is not that expensive for Lionel to manufacture, yet the retail price for individual pieces is expensive. 


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