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I got to my parents house to look at the D-63 freeway again. It is currently hanging up on a wall in the garage until we can get around to the restoration. It does in fact use a belt like the above pictures show. My confusion was from the fact that my dad has a chain and a couple of sprockets hanging in front of it and my eyes just convinced my brain that they were all the same thing.

CSXJOE posted:

Here is my D-190 re-creation:




That is one of the most accessory friendly layouts ever.  Especially if you do not have the space for a large layout.  I had the same track plan on my last layout in the late '80s. It was just over 4 x 8 feet.  Here are some rather fuzzy photos of that layout.IMG_0170IMG_0171IMG_0172IMG_0191IMG_0192IMG_0193IMG_0173IMG_0174IMG_0175IMG_0188 [1)IMG_0188IMG_0189 [1)IMG_0189IMG_0190 [1)IMG_0190IMG_0194IMG_0195IMG_0196


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The D190 does have a lot packed on it. I have an original I had to refurbish as it had been in a damp location and the top had sagged down. Put more supports in and rewired with original bus bars and period cloth wire. Saved all the accessories except the base of the ice station and bill board. Replaced all the track and trestles with period pieces-fun to run!!


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  • 20160926_213911: from the end you can see it is rush hour on the D190!
Dan Padova posted:
CSXJOE posted:

Here is my D-190 re-creation:




That is one of the most accessory friendly layouts ever.  Especially if you do not have the space for a large layout.  

Indeed. And that’s one of the main attractions of the classic Lionel Dealer Displays. One can create a modest size layout with lots of operating accessories without having that “crammed together” look. A toy train layout at its best.  

I have enjoyed reading though this great topic on Lionel Dealer Display layouts.  I have not paid much attention to Dealer Display layouts but should have as they are closer to what most of us can afford and build in our available train space.

I have followed the Lionel Showroom layouts and have the CTT magazine on them but Dealer Display layouts are a better choice of interests for many of us.


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I recently visited the Electric Train Depot train dealers shop in Ponchatoula, LA.  They  are dealers and sell trains of every gauge and have two operating train layouts in O gauge open to the public.  They have two Lionel trains dealers layouts at the store.


Below are pictures of my favorite of the two O gauge operating layouts at Electric Train Depot.  It has a figure 8 and oval that allows reversing of trains in either direction.  It also has a second oval to allow two train operation.  An elevated siding has a beautiful bridge in front of the background.  They have a timer on the wall that lets customers turn on the layout for a few minutes.






This is the credit for the above dealer layout.



Below is the track plan of my 40 year old main train board layout that has an oval and figure 8 with homemade turntable in center of one loop of the 8.  It also has at second loop with bypasses for two train operation and relays to allow two trains to operate on each loop.

How I built the layout is on this OGR forum topic.

Train Complete 1-17-2015 152


Below is the second O layout at Electric Train Depot train store.  It has a figure 8 but it is not integrated into a loop and also has other ovals to allow two or more train operation.



PS: I plan to take more pictures and better study the track plan of the first layout shown at the Electric Depot in March 2018 when I plan to attend a TCS train show in Ponchatoula, LA.


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