I was just thinking it would be cool to build the layout that was featured on the cover of this catalog. I know CTT did an article a long time ago (1991 maybe), but I have all my magazines packed away. Anyone build it? Any info about it?

Also, the 'retro railroad' that was featured there too - anyone have a track plan? Or did anyone build it?

I may be getting a job transfer to another state at a point later this year, so I would have to take down my current layout & rent a place until we figure out the area. I would want something to keep the trains running, but not go crazy & build a large layout until I'm more settled.
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When I first got back into trains, I built the layout following the articles in CTT. I learned to use plaster wrap, Scultamold, and ground foam. It taught me basic layout wiring and table construction. It came out really well. Kind of wish I still had it. I had fun operating it. The CTT articles are also in the book "Lionel Display Layouts You Can Build" by Kalmbach. I used an LW to power it, which worked fine. Should have taken photos.

Thanks everyone for their input!  

Dave - Thank you for sending those PDFs over.  


I've narrowed it down to this layout or another display layout which is larger. I have a while to plan, as this wouldn't happen until the end of year, if it even does happen at all.

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