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@John H - I don't think they have.  It's been such an annoyance to me that I've already slated two 2-packs of Lionel CSX Husky Stacks (used) for the "For Sale" area.  Not to thrilled with the quality of the MTH Husky Stacks either even though they are scale.  You should also be aware I have a MTH BN Husky Stack with two nice 48 containers on the chopping block.  I mention this because I see that Lionel BN container on top.


John - Yeah, those Premier's ride high.  The whole point in the getting the BN HS was to use for cut-up purposes.  I was planning on lowering the car when I discovered there wasn't enough to lower.  So, the interesting tid bit is that is actually the issue that led me on this whole Gunderson Maxi-III endeavor.


@A. Wells @John H  Forgot about the earlier post.  I've shared these photos before showing the difference between the Lionel "S sized" semi-scale, Lionel "O" scale, MTH Premier and K-Line cars.  To me only the Lionel scale and K-Line scale cars look good together. MTH would be OK if that is the only type you run, but they are tall.  I have the Lionel 6-17589 and 6-27521 stack cars. Very detailed including the doors which open after moving the locking bars.

If I recall correctly the center car is MTH Premier, left is Rail King and right is the Lionel semi-scale.


Lionel semi / RailKing / MTH Premier


Here the lead car is the Lionel scale and the K-Line following.  There is a difference in the containers. K-Line tend to be square (perhaps the older style containers) whereas Lionel is rectangular (taller) (perhaps the more modern style container).


I have a video posted of the Lionel and K-Line containers running on an earlier post 3/31/2021 on the forum


Images (3)
  • IMG_2175
  • IMG_2180
  • IMG_2298

@ScoutingDad - My understanding is the MTH Premier 48' containers are High-Cubes.  Compare this to Atlas 40' Containers which are not high cube (at least to my knowledge).  I made a mistake in starting the Gunderson Maxi-III CAD build first.  I should have done the Thrall 40' rebuild to start with.  They look very nice with 40' containers regardless of height status.  I have two of them in HO scale (10 cars total) and am thinking of buying another.  I also have 5 of the K-Line Thrall 40's which I plan to make ends for when I do the CAD build-out.  The containers they come with are not high cubes and are slightly undersized height wise compared to the Atlas 40'.  However, the size difference does not affect the least in my opinion.


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