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Will someone be kind and tell me how to wire this up?  I have seen the diagram and have read posts on the nongrounded bush and the side bush etc.  I simply do not understand.  I can answer questions on the law but can’t wire a Lionel engine.  LOL  I would appreciate instructions for the biggest dummy.  Thanks.


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Also very helpful for me. I have an ancient Lionel 249E loco that was given to me 60 years ago. Never worked, so I decided to take it out of storage and try to get it working. Realized many parts missing...including the brushes!  The e unit was also a mess.  Called Brasseur Electric Trains, and they said to send in the e unit and they would get it good as new.  They did!! Returned completely refurbished e unit along with the brushes.

Installed the components, and the unit began to move for the first reverse only!!  Switched the yellow and green wires, and moves in forward only.  Could not figure out how to wire this correctly.

Then saw the diagram above with the colored wires. I reversed where I had the green and blue wires connected and bingo - works in both directions!!  Christmas came early!

Now I just have to find a front truck assembly and one of the cross bars, and I have a functional 249E.

Many thanks,


@Michael Pags, the pilot truck is part number 257-34 and can be had second hand on eBay or some better stocked parts dealers. Sometimes that part is listed as frame only, so add on the 257-27 axle, a pair of 752T-17 wheels, and mount it with a 390-32 screw and you are good to go!

Not sure what Drive Rod Parts you need, but here is a list:

  • 257-45 Connecting Rod
  • 257-46 Connecting Rod Screw
  • 257-48 Drive Rod Assembly - Right
  • 257-43 Drive Rod Assembly - Left
  • 238E-24 Drive Rod Screw
  • 249E-8 Eccentric Rod Assembly
  • 264E-21 Spacer
  • 257-36 Upper Piston Rivet

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