I am thinning out my train items, time to downsize. More to come

For Sale:

Lionel Legacy Frisco 34630 F-3 AA set and 34633 Frisco F-3 powered B. Includes original boxes and shipping boxes Very lightly used. $500

 Frisco A

Frisco Powered B

Frisco Nonpowered A

Ross 11 degree Wye lightly used, no switch motors, Ross pre-wired Sold

 11 degree Wye

Lionel TPC-300   6-14189 $75 not used

 TPC 300

Lionel TPC-400   6-14179 $85 not used no box Sold

 TPC 400

Lionel TMCC Accessory Motor Controller AMC 6-14183 new $40 


I will be adding items as time allows me. My email is in my profile

Prices do not include shipping and PayPal fee.

Doug N 



Chief Engineer of the "See & Owe" railroad. When I see something that I like I will soon owe someone for it.


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