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Hey guys.  I just got my card "dinged" from Charles Ro for some major change....looks like Lionel is delivering a lot of stuff early and not the week of Xmas.

i was wondering if anybody received their BNSF Oil Train? Curious to see if Lionel is using a nice set box for everything or just packing them loose like the SP "Salad Bowl" reefer train from 2017V1.

Regardless, I guess I will soon find out. Hopefully when my wife gets to work tomorrow, she gives me a call to "bring the truck".

Here is my haul....all shipping together.

L1933283 - *BNSF ES44AC NON-POWERED #6438 
L1933321 - *UNION PACIFIC ES44AC #7964 
L1933323 - *UP ES44AC NON-POWERED #8140 
L1922060 - *ES44AC OIL TRAIN SET


UPDATE 12/10/19

I finally got my set yesterday from FED EX...somehow it got misplaced is what I heard? Regardless, I just unboxed  it and made a short video. Please enjoy. Sorry no "whooping" on this one....I should have left it idle longer. On a separate note, my UP ES44AC "5000 unit" was DOA. A dead short. 😕 Back to Charles Ro it goes. I hope I get it back before Christmas. I am 50% at receiving a good locomotive this year. That is better than last year so I guess QC is improving.🙂


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Jim Sandman posted:

Wow a whole fleet of ES44AC in one credit card hit.  Luckily around Christmas there isn't any other spending going on in life.  <grin>

Enjoy Donald.


Hey Jim. It is a good thing that we have to preorder our trains most of the time. I knew this day was coming when I ordered 8 months ago so I budget money each month to cover the credit card bill when it comes next month...cheers!


Excellent video.....thank you very much. My set is still sitting somewhere in the bowels of the FED EX shipping system.

It was scheduled for delivery maybe tomorrow.

I hope the truck or warehouse is at least is cold here in the northeast.

I hate FED EX.


John Rowlen posted:

Do the BNSF and  TILX  cars have thumb tack couplers?

Hello John. Both the tank cars (TILX) and the covered hoppers (BNSF) have the thumb tack coupler. I guess they still have a big supply of them to get rid of. I thought I heard at one point Lionel was phasing out the thumb tack once the current supply was depleted and going back to the old style.


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