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Plastic chassis for the new ET44's?

Some shots from the video that caught my eye:

chassis pic 1

chassis pic 2.

The chassis is the same material as the air reservoir on the fuel tank:

fuel tank pic

which is usually plastic and appears to be plastic in the video.

Which brings the question, does the new ET44 have a plastic chassis or were the molds tested by injecting plastic rather than metal?

ES44AC's have a cast metal chassis. 


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  • chassis pic 1
  • chassis pic 2
  • fuel tank pic
@naveenrajan posted:

Tell me more about this 2-rail version that you are talking about.

I didn't think anyone was importing brass versions of diesel locomotives since Overland Models stopped, over a decade ago.

These are just my opinion,

Naveen Rajan

Central Locomotive Works.  Actually, not imported, made in California.

Here's a couple of pictures of my P48 SDL39s completed a couple of months ago.

Very few made.  7 P48 out of 27 total.

Currently he is working on SD38s, 39s and 40s. Then followed by ES/ET44s.


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  • mceclip0
  • mceclip1

The only version missing from the brochure is the GE Demo ET44ACs with both the plain blue and the green and blue liveries. Those would have required the more boxy long hood styling to be tooled.

Lionel is missing another one of the prototypes

which is the ET44AC for Navajo Mine Railroad.

They are bonnets!

Given the popularity and large sales of the Santa Fe ES44AC


I would imagine that it is only matter of time before an ET44C4 appears in Santa Fe livery.


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