Dear Valued Customers,

The replacement shells for the TEXAS & PACIFIC F7 units and the NEW YORK ONTARIO & WESTERN F3 UNITS that were made in the wrong color scheme have arrived and are ready to go. These include:

6-85196   Texas and Pacific AA Set

6-85201   New York Ontario & Western AA Set

6-85199   Texas & Pacific LEGACY F7 B-Unit (Powered)#1511B

6-85200   Texas & Pacific LEGACY Super Bass F7B-unit #1512B

6-85204   New York Ontario & Western LEGACY F3 B-Unit (Powered) #821B

6-85205   NYO&W LEGACY SuperBass F3B-unit #822B

We will be offering you a choice for obtaining corrected shells in this program.

Option 1) We will bring the F3s and F7s in for a shell swap at no cost including a call tag to cover shipping. We ask that you call in to Customer Experience for a return authorization and call tag at 586-949-4100 Ext 2. The shell swap program will be handled by Lionel. Please do not take to your dealer or service station.

Option 2) If you wish to keep the original shells we will be making the shells available for purchase. We will require proof of purchase of the F UNITS before we can sell the shells. Hand written receipts without a store label or stamp will not be accepted. We will bring the unit in for the swap and send the original shell back to you after payment has been made. The shell will be shipped separately.

The price for these shells are $120.00 for the A units and $110.00 for the B unit. Plus shipping charge of $10.00.

If you have any further questions please call Customer Experience or email


Thank you for your patience.


The Lionel Team.

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