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Hi, I have a new-to-me set of AA F3 diesels, Lionel 6-34630 (Pwrd and Non-Pwrd).  I am using Legacy CAB2 and a PH180.

When I received these engines, they didn't smoke.  I popped the shells and removed the tops of each smoke unit.  I pulled the impellers and placed a drop of Labelle's 107 on each spindle bushing.  I added plenty of Lionel smoke fluid and replaced the covers.  That seemed to do the trick with the non-powered A unit but the lead powered A still smokes intermittently.

Sometimes when I turn on the layout it will smoke but usually not.  It seems to be a fan/impeller issue.

I tested by taking the cover off the smoke unit again (in the powered A), I hit smoke on the CAB2, if the impeller doesn't start, I can see it wobble a bit like it wants to start.  If I just touch the impeller, it will start.  However, it seems to require a manual shove.  Simply using the CAB2 smoke on/off never gets it going.

Another test I tried: once the smoke units were both going, I tried running the engines for 10 minutes with the smoke on just to make certain that the lube had a chance to work into the spindle bushing.  That didn't work.  As soon as I turned off the smoke, the lead A fan stopped working again.  Can anyone give me some advice or suggestions?  Thanks for your help.

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In this case, you don't need to get under it.  Take the top PCB off, and you'll see the impeller and fluid chamber.  Grab an impeller blade near the hub with a pair of needle-nose pliers and pull straight up.  Now you'll see two tiny screws.  take those out and the motor will drop out.  Reassemble in reverse order.  Note the polarity when you connect the new motor, the motor should spin clockwise for that smoke unit.

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