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This was a neat little project that has way more planning than it appears.

When I replaced the stock Lionel horns after doing all the other work on this F3 project…they just looked out of place. Ended up getting brass single chimes from Precision Scale and it was a night and day appearance upgrade.

Mounting was a challenge because this was a post-painting add on and I couldn’t just sand it into place without totally screwing up the paint (throw tomatoes at me now for not deciding I wanted to do this earlier…)

Instead, I had to make a part that would fill the void left by the Lionel horn bracket, accommodate the PSC horn posts, and also blend with the existing painted roof contour.

Ended up designing a 2-piece part in Fusion360 using a sketch of the roof circumference as a guideline…and think it worked out ok?

If anyone wants the STL file let me know

Off to the paint shop!92F4EAF4-F4BD-49DF-9C14-AEA0EC4386F5E05D043A-E223-49AA-8526-2D26934E1811FCD8D5AC-C181-4DA4-B849-FC391F739695FF568ECA-5609-42C7-B9E6-DA00BAF66E51


Images (4)
  • 92F4EAF4-F4BD-49DF-9C14-AEA0EC4386F5: New PSC horn
  • E05D043A-E223-49AA-8526-2D26934E1811
  • FCD8D5AC-C181-4DA4-B849-FC391F739695: Old Lionel horn
  • FF568ECA-5609-42C7-B9E6-DA00BAF66E51
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