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Well, it’s Lionel’s dimes to spend as they see fit, just like the rest of us. You pay your dues and take your chances. I go to the York Meet for the funnel cakes!

It would be nice if they attended both Meets, but personally it doesn’t affect my enjoyment of being there. I usually only spent ten minutes at their booth. Everything they had in their booth that interested me I already knew about or seen before. To me it doesn’t matter if I see a static display or a picture in a catalog. You still don’t know how it’s going to operate or the final details until after you buy it.

I don’t think it’s a sign of the hobby declining. There are just other ways to promote a product that are less costly. I’m sure Lionel will be attempting other options and then evaluate if attending a show or presenting their products virtually affects their potential sales. Their jab at the Eastern Division is poor form, however.

And people might be upset they are not attending the Meet, but as soon as Lionel makes something that stirs someone’s chocolate they’ll be salivating as they reach for their wallets. We are weak, consuming Trainiacs, we can’t help ourselves.

@aussteve posted:

Mike do your homework.  It's not that hard using the tools in front of you.  I won't do it for you.

I don't need to do any homework.  I've done it and I don't see what you see at all.

That's why I asked the question.

You're basically claiming that there are two sides bickering, with at least one of them acting like children.

My question is simple.  What specific thread on this Forum, or any other related forum for that matter, led you to this conclusion?  In doing my homework I'm not finding any.  Not one.



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