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Ok now for the $64,009 question, what is this accessory or piece of fastrack? Inquiring mind wants to know<g> ?

5" O Gauge FasTrack Section and building with the following features:

  • IR sensors detect and count the actual number of axles on a passing train and determines when track is clear
  • Calculates and relays by audio the number of axles, approx. speed, imaginary milepost information and reports defect detection status
  • Includes occasional defect announcements with warning sounds and announcements of imaginary car issues
  • Volume control and ON/OFF switch
  • Min/Max switch to adjust how often a defect is found
  • Gets power from track – can also be powered from accessory power supply (sold separately)

Screen Shot 2024-04-14 at 7.29.23 AM

As an additional note- the track is special and the 2 are integrated together. There are holes punched in the hollow rail for the IR sensors and LEDS to detect wheel flanges and speed. It is NOT trivial because of that construction detail, to move the sensors to another type of track. Again, the sensors actually go up into the hollow rail and see through holes punched in the inside wall of the rail to make an eye beam sensor to ONLY sees and counts the wheel flanges, and because the sensors are spaced apart a known distance- it measures speed and direction of travel.


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  • Screen Shot 2024-04-14 at 7.29.23 AM
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