Actual shipping via UPS Ground not included.  Email for inquiries.  

30 used (some paint and hot glue bits on some) straights.  Boxed and ready to ship!  $300 ($10 per piece)


12 0-48 pieces (some paint on a few and all but one are insulated for quieter operation) $50 per box and i have 2 boxes!


0-36 curves (paint on many) $4 per piece.  How many do you need?


10 inch straights.... $3 per how many do you need?

0-36 manual switches.  3 right 2 left.  Flags broken off.  $20 per switch.  


I also have many smaller pieces if you tell me what you need?

What I have is an MTH Premier three car set that was to be matched to the two additional cars.  This comes with the 9 containers pictured.   I have slightly altered them to run on 0-42 curves instead of their original larger curves only.  These will run great on 0-42.  I have also added a coupler to them to allow them to be run just as a three car set.   See pictures. NO BOX.  I'll package them carefully but the original box is not included.  Price is $100 plus shipping.  Send email to for inquiry. 


The picture above shows where the cars would bump into each other but I shaved a little off to allow them to go around 0-42 curves.  This picture is them on an 0-42.   


NIB Menards Santa Fe box trucks.  I have three.  They are very good looking with great detail.  $8 per



John Peyton

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