I bought a bunch of new 6-81952/53 switches at York and one of them has an issue.  One LH 6-81953 switch will not accept programming.  When I depress the programming switch button, the lamp never blinks (stays lit), so I cannot program it.  Default SW #1 doesn't work, either.

I took the base off, and nothing out of the ordinary looked wrong.  depressing the switch gave correct continuity.  I decided to take the small PWB shown in the photo below (plagerized photo from GRJ) off a good switch and swap it with this.  In doing so, the bad switch was now able to be programmed to a new switch number.  I then put both switches back together.  This temporarily solved my problem, as now I could address all switches, but would like to fix properly.

Does anyone know the P/N for this small PWB and where to get it from?  I couldn't find anything on Lionel parts site, or on Brasseur's.

Thanks, Dave


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Since these were new, why not get a warranty repair from Lionel?

FWIW, this is listed as available from Lionel, it's the TMCC receiver for an O72 Fastrack switch.  I believe it may be a replacement for an earlier board as two are listed, one unavailable.


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John - thanks - that's my alternate path, but it will take some work.  Depending upon price of the new part, wasn't sure if it would be worth the hassle.  For $18.60 + $9 shipping, it's worth the hassle.  The hassle is created by me never asking for a receipt from the Orange Hall Vendor, so I assume Lionel will give me a hard time about a return.  I'll try that path first.


I have a similar issue with new switches.  I can get a signal (the switch responds) when I hold my hand over the switch.  I have tried the wire to house ground trick but it did not work.  I have 38 switches on my layout and only about 5 are having this issue and they are scattered across my layout.  Looking to see about purchasing that  Legacy Signal Booster I read about or perhaps there is something I can do or add to the switch itself to improve the signal.  My email is wbuisch@yahoo.com if you would like to take this conversation offline.

Thanks in advance!


I'd start by splicing a longer wire to the antenna wire in the switch and just looping it around inside the switch.  If you decide you would like to try the buffer, I have a handful of them left.

TMCC/Legacy Track Signal Booster (Dale's Legacy Continues) - Final kits/assembled units almost gone

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