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This post is helpful.  Additional question two years later though since I’m in the exact situation of the original poster:

What do I do with the track jumper?  A video from Lionel that I watched said to remove it.  I’m going to run power to this from the Accessories connections on the back of my transmitter.  I’m assuming I just run my ground to the Aux Gnd port and the hot wire to the Aux In port?

The jumper is there for powering the switch with the track power (center rail).  This can be a greater challenge when running trains in transformer control in that when moving the locomotive slow at low voltage the switches will also have low voltage.  Running in TMCC or Legacy environment with track voltage constant ~ 18 Volts the switches operate well with this voltage and the jumper. 

Ok.  That seams rather simple.  Use a few relays both in normal open.  Close them for a few milliseconds to switch for either or relay.  Open when done.  Although my multi-meter shows both red and green closed by default.  Then I hold down the throw switch and it opens the circuit.

@idaband posted:

If i wanted to build my own switch to extend?  Does anyone know which wires are needed and are we just reversing polarity?

Not sure, but are you talking about extending the length of the wire between the actual switch and the controller ?

If so, just cut the wire in the middle or somewhere convenient and splice in an old 4-wire (RYGB) telephone cable of whatever length you need and you can keep/use the original Lionel switch controller.

I'm not sure what you're looking at, I know that the Fastrack switch reacts to a switch closure between the Black(GND) and Thru(Green) or OUT(Red) terminals on the switch.  I can't imagine those are normally closed switches, but I don't have any around to test at this point, all my Fastrack is gone.

I agree.  But when I hold down the switch I get little to no voltage on one or other wire.

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