I have two main lines that are controlled separately by power.  If I want track 1 up only, I power it up...If I want track 2 up, I power it up only, and so on...from the same transformer (ZW)..  Now I have added two fastrack switches, one to go to track 2 from track 1 and from track 2 to track 1..  Now when I power up track 1, track 2 comes up two.  I want to keep both lines separate ...so do I undo the small wire under the switches 072, or is there any other way to keep both lines separate...So when I want to run a train from track 1 to track 2, I would have to power up both lines, and thats ok.....thanks


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To keep your loops electrically separate you should unplug one end of the jumper on the fitter piece (that short track section).  And, yes, if you want a train to go from track 1 to track 2 you will need to power up both loops.


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thanks Dan, does it matter which end I unplug of that little wire?....J

I completely removed the jumpers and all my crossovers work fine (unless, of course, I forget to power up the second track ).


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