Have 2 powered Lionel FT Polar Express (basic not TMCC) and want to run them back to back.

Nobody at lionel customer service can give me a direct answer. 

IF I reverse the motor leads on one unit, will that allow me to run them powered back to back if I lock the reversing units appropriately?

Do I bite the bullet and turn one of them into a dummy unit?

Been looking for a "donor unit" on ebay but there very few FT dummys out there.  Checked the Lionel frame numbers and the number for the FT frame is different that the frame for the F3's.   Does anyone know if they are the same dimensions and mounting  holes? Is the frame for the A and B units the same?

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Thank you all for the replies.  For now, this is how I am running.....

Lead A unit is "locked" in forward.

Trailing A unit is unlocked.

Units are coupled back to back.

On start up, I apply very low power on and off as the trailing unit goes through the F N R process. 

Since the units are coupled back to back, they tug against each other until the trailing unit goes into R.

When trailing unit is in R, then both units travel in the same direction.   For station stops, I throttle way down, but do not cut power completely so the trailing unit does not go into the F N R sequence.   The Polar Express train is for X Mas only and 100% of the time it runs continuously forward.   Backing up the passenger train is not of interest to me, so for now, with no modifications of either unit, this allows me to run back to back.

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