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I working on this engine I had to separate the upper shell from the bottom chassis to replace a broken coupler ! So while separating the two halves I found three gray wires tied together with a wire nut one of the wires comes from the pcb and another goes to the metal shell through the interior ( ground wire) ,see all pictures below . The third gray wire has a heat shrink tubing on the end that looked liked it was connected to a crimped connector. I can’t see anywhere where this has to go unless it’s part of the antenna system . Do any of you Lionel Guys now where this wire goes? Thanks in advance


MTH ASC6A43072A-A123-4E1F-8638-641D967F88E11F049AC2-769A-4E32-80DE-117832F730F47D4B4F21-11E8-4AB2-88A5-E080E5B21A7297A4301D-22BE-416C-8149-E0574CEAB33ECAB0D7ED-0BF5-4A8F-868A-1105DD6A1A179D0EF226-D669-45DC-A074-A91119125F98CA437A92-BC67-4F74-80EA-2A03E6227F434F397147-D67D-4D67-A83C-64E9A7223E688DC0E5B4-CBE1-4340-A2C0-5BD403945DD24492E1DC-19DE-4FD9-9785-CE99F59D86F7


Images (7)
  • 6A43072A-A123-4E1F-8638-641D967F88E1: Gray wire goes into top frame, connects to side metal frame .
  • 1F049AC2-769A-4E32-80DE-117832F730F4: Wire coming from pcb
  • 7D4B4F21-11E8-4AB2-88A5-E080E5B21A72: Loose wire with shrink tube on end
  • 97A4301D-22BE-416C-8149-E0574CEAB33E: Shrink tube removed looks like it was crimped to something
  • CA437A92-BC67-4F74-80EA-2A03E6227F43: Gray wire goes through upper shell to metal side frame , ground wire?
  • 8DC0E5B4-CBE1-4340-A2C0-5BD403945DD2: Where all three gray wires connect with wire nut
  • 4492E1DC-19DE-4FD9-9785-CE99F59D86F7: The way the wire was bent it looks like it went to the top pcb ?
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