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Price reduced!   $140. This is the General Set, circa 1959, in the original box.  The engine is good condition and runs well in forward and reverse.  The headlight works. This engine has a 2 position E unit and no smoke.  The whistle is broken which is very common.  I have cleaned, lubed and tested the engine and it runs fine in both directions.  One passenger car has a missing railing on one end and the other has a slight chip off the roof corner.  The cars are in good condition otherwise.   See photos.  The box is in good condition with some staining, again see photos.  I am also including 5 billboards that somehow ended up in the set but I am not sure if they came with the set.  I have the original 45 W transformer, but no track.  If the purchaser wants track I will include an oval of 0 gauge track with a lockon.  This set would have come with 027 track.  Shipping is extra and I estimate shipping to be around $25-30.  Of course if someone is nearby it can be picked up in State College in central PA.  

This would make a great Christmas present!  Contact through my email.  Thanks for lookingC8F83FD1-86D5-4765-879E-383AAE0D129F0577E2E5-D5F4-4A64-9E10-EAD3C60DEE7B_1_201_a4C71F052-F123-44D5-A342-73E2C89DC944C2127987-86BC-40DD-A1B9-8100B98604B0_1_201_a626CF832-364D-43E6-886F-643E0DF304B3_1_201_a

The box cover shows a horse car but it was not included in the 1612 set!




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  • C8F83FD1-86D5-4765-879E-383AAE0D129F
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  • C2127987-86BC-40DD-A1B9-8100B98604B0_1_201_a
  • 626CF832-364D-43E6-886F-643E0DF304B3_1_201_a
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