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To update this post. This is a Lionel GP7 GM50. conventional. It needs the middle large gear. I removed motor truck, kinda. I wasn't able to figure out how to get the silver plate off, yes I broke the e clips too. I am unable to go much farther. If anyone can help would greatly appreciate it.  I could use a parts list, or exploded view. also is it just easier to replace motor truck, if I can ever figure out how to get it apart. Thanks. See attached photos


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Thanks Jeff. Yes I am coming to that realization. I may look into getting an old 600 motor and trucks. see if that will work.

Jeff thanks very much. I will call jeff tomorrow. I also think your right about the repairman, this isn't something "easy". I will look into that tomorrow as well.

No need to disassemble any further.  This is a nylon gear and is an easy interference fit into that worm axle... a tiny dab of LockTite will be fine.

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