SO....I think I inadvertently discovered something regarding the Powerhouse brick that comes with the GW180 transformer set (6-37947). I assumed that brick was EXACTLY the same as the Powerhouse 180W (6-85226) brick that sells separately (see pic). They look identical, same dimensions, same plugs, same can they not be the same inside? 

I powered up my both-brand-new TIU & WIU for the first time tonight and plugged the 180W brick from the GW180 directly into the FIXED INPUT 1 of the TIU. volts on FIXED OUTPUT 1. Track voltage jumps (fastrack switch lanterns flash on) for about 0.5 second, TIU power light never turns on, then track voltage goes to zero (lanterns go out). When track voltage tested, voltmeter spikes to 4-5ish volts, then back to zero. Hitting the red reset button on the PH180 does NOTHING. WIFI unit works fine, except there are zero volts to track. Opened up TIU looking for problems (fuse, loose board, loose nuts) and everything was perfect.

Ran the brick back into the GW180 controller, then controller to TIU, cranked it all the way up and voila, TIU works perfectly...18.5 volts on track. Trains work reliably (DCS and Lionchief). Tried going direct brick-to-TIU again and same thing ending in zero volts. Hmmmmmmm.

Then I noticed something. If I turn the brick on, then plug the molex plug into the GW controller, a relay snaps in the brick and the brick starts humming. Pull the molex plug out, the relay opens and it stops humming. When I plug the brick directly into the TIU, the relay snaps but there is no humming. I made my own molex continuity tests good...all solder w/ banana plugs.

Is it possible that the GW180 brick has something special in it that it is required to be connected to the GW controller for it to function? All the reading I've done suggests you can plug the "original" PH180 brick directly into the TIU and it should work just fine.

Any Lionel techs here? I'm stumped?

Lionel PH180_LI


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