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Picked up the Lionel H10 Set yesterday at Engine House Hobbies. 100% perfect out of the box. Beautiful set, runs just as good as it looks (wish I could say the same for the Legacy E6 Atlantic, going back to Lionel AGAIN!). 

Well worth the $$$. Yes the red is a little on the bright side but I'm overall very happy. Nice box as well! 



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That's good to hear SJC. 

I bought the seperate sale version and outside of a couple minor things I fixed ,(a missing tender screw and uneven hatch) its a great loco.

Make sure you remove the bottom plate and grease the gears.

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They look to be the more recent and lighter color to me, from the video at least. Nice set! Don't let the Salad boys see that proper set box. I know you don't run the box around the layout but the packaging with some thought makes you feel like you got a little more.

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