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We just tried out the new Lionel Peanuts Halloween 2-4-2 Steam LionChief Remote Control Set #30214  and I must say these new LionChief remotes are pretty awesome.  They're bringing fun back into trains and I truly think kids will find it "cool". I know when I was running it, it made me want a set for Halloween.  Kudos to Lionel for adding a whole new dimension to trains.  


You can check out our videos and peanuts demonstration on our you tube channel





Ken Bianco Jr. 

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And I am glad Trainworld shows us a little bit about, I still have my Peanuts gang

dolls,  books, cups, from the '60's,   ---   and Friday, I'll have this cute toy, up

and running !!!!!!!  A dang kid at heart, and I still have to work for a living

thanks for the short but good explanatory video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes Ken, thanks for the video updates and keep them coming.


There are some themed items I like and some I don't.  The Halloween spooky sounds on this set are cool and should help bring a few new people into model trains.  However, since this is a licensed Peanuts product, IMO it would have been much more appealing if Lionel put a soundbite or two in from the actual Peanuts show "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" i.e. Charlie Brown" "I got a rock."


You can have a steam train ...If you'd just lay down your tracks.

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