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The coupler on one of my Lionel Heavyweights keeps opening randomly and inconsistently. It is a baggage car (made in 2010) or else I would just put it at the end of the train and forget about it.

I don't think that there is enough pressure on the coupler when it's supposed to be closed. I came to this conclusion because whenever I tap (not lift) the circled plate in the picture below, the coupler opens up.

Anyone have this happen before? Any solutions? I searched the forum and didn't see anyone with similar issues.

Thanks in advance!


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I went out and looked at my left over couplers. I converted all passenger cars to KDs. You can remove the truck and adjust the coupler spring. I never did that on mine and they would nearly all uncouple sporadically. Kadees solved that. You might be able to insert a tooth pick end into the spring to tighten it up.

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You can see the coil spring on the uncoupler bar, just above the red oval in your picture.

The truck can be disassembled, that spring can then be stretched to increase its tension. That should solve the unwanted uncoupling.

You can also adjust the angle of the magnetic uncoupling tab, where it touches the uncoupling bar.

Or, you can just glue the coupler shut.

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