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I've been away from this site for quite a bit of time just because of the constant negativity being expounded on many threads.   It greatly pains me to again visit a random thread where again the negativity runs high.

Could the comments please be more positive and look at things from a different perspective than the tunnel vision many exhibit on this site?

Let's try and be more helpful, and try to offer up solutions rather than tearing things down.  We are all better than that.


Though I've been a member of this forum since its early start in 2000, and into trains formally since 1989-90, I hadn't heard of Mega Tracks prior to today.   After clicking on the graciously provided Lionel links, I looked at the track system in question.

Indeed this track system isn't for traditional trains.  It is geared for a much younger audience who, I presume are into slot cars, may find it appealing as it allows for genuine creativity.   The track layout and capability of exaggerated curves allow the user to experiment with different orientations / scenario's.

Since I'm not familiar with why a previous introduction failed, according to the banter here, I can't add any suggestions how to improve upon its former introduction.   

However the cars that glide along on this track system are very futuristic looking which may be appealing to the younger set.   Other types of cars could be offered that may be appealing to even the older set to setup just for fun's sake.   

I can envision, grandchildren engaging with grandparents racing these cars around through various loops and turns that no other system affords.

If reintroduced in a creative manner, this track system could be a winner which could lead the younger generation into looking at other products Lionel has to offer.

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