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One of a kind.

A good person here on the Forums decided to push my skills. They wanted to turn this JLC Challenger into basically a VL model. It was a huge challenge and I am happy with the results I hope they will be too. There was a lot of work that went into it....lots of cutting, grinding and measuring. Id say the most difficult I have done so far...More fun projects coming.

It has the following:

  • Speaker in Boiler
  • Whistle Steam effect
  • Dynamo/Injector Steam effect
  • LED Lighting
  • Two Sound Boards
  • Standard Legacy Features




Images (34)
  • 62477230347__CED18192-B763-4523-87E9-EFA062450E1A
  • 62494073944__8A48F3DD-CB12-4A0F-81FF-DE4A7012D057
  • 62494083789__EEA0E669-E0B0-4951-B4C7-A1C9579D28E1
  • 62502357073__A3F86BA2-A194-4AB6-87B2-7126A8533C96
  • 62503500621__9F171EFB-68C8-4FFD-978A-B3426FD9D5D2
  • 62545214170__1E29ECA3-375D-409B-89A4-2E543927576B
  • 62545232724__00964872-5E98-4A9C-8CE1-0B6F8E41C5C6
  • 62709145094__09231462-E155-45E5-8B04-D8B0AF94A7C7
  • 62709178043__2BF6EC98-1D3E-4412-A065-F1DFE5FC9B61
  • 62717572309__FB6CE6CB-1DF2-4FB5-990A-276FC7EDB5B2
  • 62718538123__4A27877A-F71C-49A9-9ED1-AF3DAC3DD1EB
  • 62719012607__684D71CB-9234-4CFA-869E-A7178C20E8FF
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This is an awesome message, we have some really talented folks here on the forum, Gunrunner John, Harmonyards, Alex M, Pete N., Royz Trains, and Bruk, it’s an amazing time to be in the Hobby. There are many others not mentioned, and I’m sure everyone remembers Marty Fitzhenry, who is helping the Lord in Heaven keep his trains running, you know Christmas is around the corner. Thank all of you hi tech fellows for sharing your abilities with us on-lookers, thats what it’s all about. Bruk, your work is super, Thank You for posting this thread. One Question, are you actually able to re-make a TMCC diesel or steamer into Legacy Control? That’s amazing. Happy Railroading Everyone.

To look at the outside, you have to look really close to see it's not a stock JLC, all the changes were very well done with minimal effect on the appearance.  To be sure, it will be getting some run time in the near future.  I'm really pleased with the sound, I'm glad we went the extra mile and added the locomotive sound setup.  That just adds a whole dimension to the sounds that you just can't achieve with a single sound board.

There are so many cool enhancements on this project that it's mindboggling. One that jumped out at me was putting the switch/vol control board inside the front smoke hatch of the boiler. Really cool idea and very accessible. And the mount for the boiler speaker is really well done.

And you can actually SEE the whistle stem effect, how cool is that?

Great work Bruk, and congratulations John! Very impressive.


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