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Selling my Lionel JLC legacy Big Boy 4024. I took pretty good care of it but I don’t really run it anymore. The box is in a little bit of rough shape but it is the original box. One of the red side valves did break off but I still have it in the box I just don’t want to risk gluing it back on. Everything works well on the engine, there’s nothing it needs other than a new home.

Asking $1600.00 plus shipping. Email me with any interest. Thanks.


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  • F8A44649-9E9A-4176-999C-7380DAC21F2F
  • 503D7638-6B3A-4224-B191-7EE084BACAC5
  • AD764E0E-EA84-43F8-BD36-19F6AFF2FD76
  • E2C9299B-A965-49AE-87B1-E7CC855C4E2D
  • E4099ACD-A5F2-4442-AC20-65B91CC5BF1F
  • F92A7B1A-BC10-4C2D-A359-850C57B7B2B4
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