Lionel Legacy 2-6-6-2 C&O #1522 Whistle blows Smoke, but NO Sound in AUX1 Sequence Control

I am having issues with a new C&O 2-6-6-2 #1522 sent to me by Dean at Lionel Service.  The engine arrived with broken detail parts and white paint on the left walkway. He said Lionel never opened the engine box though there was shiny brown packaging tape on the end of the factory carton.

The new Legacy 2-6-6-2 engine's Whistle Smokes, but NO Sound of the Whistle is given when in AUX 1 Sequence Control.  If I turn the ZW-L transformer off and then on, the engine Whistle is heard with Smoke, but the engine is no longer in Sequence Control.  How many other 2-6-6-2 owners have this issue?  Is it a programming issue?  The bell works fine in Aux 1 Sequence Control.

I thought I saw a post that someone else had this problem with their new 2-6-6-2.  I called Lionel and was told by Katie that she could do nothing until Dean emails the Call Center what to do, even though Dean emailed me to get an RA from Lionel.  Is this more foot-dragging to slow items going into Lionel for service?

I am done buying Lionel until major changes are made.  I am still waiting for coupler parts for two 21" passenger cars from last March.  Nicholas Smith Trains tried to get me two coupler plate assemblies and they were unable to get them too.  If Lionel can drag their feet, then the warranties will soon expire.

Dean offered to bring in my C&O #1604 to inspect the work that was or wasn't done by a technician who no longer works for Lionel.  Katie has no email from Dean about that service too.  The Allegheny #1604 stutters down the track when going over speed step 22.

My CSX F40PH #9999 returned to me from a second trip to Lionel Service for smoke issues, and arrived back with a broken volume control.  Dean said to send it in for a third time.  Of course, the Call Center has no email from Dean stating this.  I have all emails saved on my computer from the last three years.  I am keeping records of all the times items go to Lionel, go back to Lionel, and go back-back to Lionel, and go back-back-back to Lionel.

Sincerely, John Rowlen

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John Rowlen posted:

I am done buying Lionel until major changes are made.  

Sincerely, John Rowlen

 For your sake,I hope you mean it this time John.

You spend thousands on every catalog.

Why not throw some money to Mike Wolf to continue building your collection?

Good luck in whatever you do. I hope things are resolved to your satisfaction.

Someone in Lionel service knew there was at the very least a paint issue on that loco. That's why they had it.

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