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I have a four loop main table with upper reverse loops and lower reverse loops. All of my track is connected together. How do I need to connect my legacy to work best? Just run it to the ground side of the bus bar? Or actually have a connection to the bottom of a piece on each main line? Thanks!


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You have to be careful with the word "ground".  If your bus bar is truly tied to ground, i.e. earth ground, Legacy won't work.  This is because the transmitting antenna for TMCC/Legacy consists of two parts, 1.) an outside rail, or both of them, on your layout, and 2.) the earth ground in the building around the layout.  These two will be short circuited if your common is tied to earth ground, resulting in zero signal being transmitted.

This is why Vernon was very careful in his choice of words calling your bus bar "common" instead.

Is your common tied to earth ground?  If so untie it.

And lastly, to make it simple just connect the output of your Base-2, or Base-1L, to one or more outside rails.  It's not needed to do this in multiple places, or on both rails, as long as the one you connect to is electrically continuous all the way, or nearly all the way, around the layout.

Good luck, and make sure you let us know how it turns out.


Mike, I am a newbie to this, my “ground” or what you would call as common is me referring to all of my black color coded wires which I have soldered to the inside or outside rail of my layout. I imagined it wouldn’t matter for every single piece to have common on the same side. My red hot wires of course are all middle. I am not quite sure what you are referring to as tied to ground aka the earth?

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