I have had it one week, today.  The loco runs great- great sound, and is a fine-looking piece.  

So I am sorry to have to post this, but if you buy one of these be sure and check all the screws.  Maybe half of mine were what I would call "loose"- parts that were screwed to the frame.  Most issues seem to be the screws holding the "added details" like the truck frames,  the step mounted TO the truck frame (in my case, one fell out - who knows where??).   

I tightened them about 1/3- 1/2 turn.  Not a lot Lionel can do about it after the product is manufactured, boxed and shipped- but you don't want to find out the hard way - just go over it before you run the locos a lot!


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Not more Lionel quality issues??!!

I am fast losing confidence in purchasing Lionel locomotives. My quality expectations are prefect operation right out of the box. Infant mortality defects must be at a minimum.

Wow, great news, why not post a picture of your new engine....I will post pictures of my Sante Fe ABBA when I get it from my dealer....

I have quite a few postwar engines and cars, as well as a few MPC-era cars and a couple of engines, several Lion Chief Plus engines (RS-11, Pacific, Berkshire), a CCII 773, and a TMCC GP-9.  NONE of them have had any problems.  Of course the PW equipment would have had the issues sorted out 50 years ago.   But the other newer ones have been perfect. 

So- if I had any comment at all on quality, I would not pan Lionel in general.   Heck, maybe MINE is the only one??  Anybody can make mistakes.  It's what they DO about those mistakes that tells of the quality of the COMPANY. 

I don't know what they could do about the "loose screws", except be sure their techs are going over the engines when they come in for warranty work, maybe notify their service centers, and fix the problem on future production at the factory, IF there is a general problem. 

NOT THAT THEY SHOULD HAVE TO.  but... I would think that a person buying top-end Lionel probably should have no trouble tightening a few screws.    I just wanted to warn those with the engines on order.

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