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6322A928-4BF1-406B-88A1-40D3FC08CE3A0427937B-CA02-4B2D-BC44-7A51457A20AAI’m thinning my collection.  All prices are plus shipping.

Lionel legacy Union Pacific 4-12-2.  This is an amazing locomotive. Very little run time. Deep sounding chuffs. Very unique sounding chuff.

Has been run but not much.  Only issue is a smoke fan that sometimes requires you to blow in the stack before it works. $900.  Check out that Vanderbilt tender.  So sharp!

Lionel EM-1. Legacy. Massive engine. SOLD!


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  • 6322A928-4BF1-406B-88A1-40D3FC08CE3A
  • 0427937B-CA02-4B2D-BC44-7A51457A20AA
  • 82EBF814-23F8-4800-975B-C1C55D7E2F9A
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