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I’m selling my Lionel Legacy PRR U28C Diesel Locomotive. I had to touchup the rear handrail where it struck my tunnel portal. (See Picture) Other than that this engine is in terrific shape. Runs and pulls very well. The horn on this engine is outstanding!
The engine is equipped with these features:
Legacy Control
Odyssey Speed Control w/on-off switch
Legacy RailSounds
Two Powerful Can Motors
Directional Lighting
ElectroCouplers Front and rear
Smoke (Which I have never used)
Price is $260.00 SHIPPED
YORK Delivery Price is $250.00
I will be at York on Friday October 20th
I accept checks, money orders and PayPal from friends and family.
If interested please email me. You can find my email address in my profile.
Thank you!



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  • E5FA32C0-5F71-43CA-9C6E-93E90EFAE939
  • 835F98D2-913A-483D-800D-08FB661DD64F
  • A371E7B2-62B2-4995-A43D-1AFC3EB8AEF4
  • 3C2BC664-CC8A-412A-917E-96E069AD8779
  • 5D93F243-3134-4556-A0BC-DB7C5617440C
  • 9D6F30C6-D878-4996-B785-23EE8635412E
  • 63D88EA6-B154-47B2-BCAD-5A0979FD2E61
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