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My Lionel 6-24119 Big Bay Lighthouse sound stopped working. The fog horn still sounds but not the background sounds. I tried to take it apart to get to the board but I am stumped how to access it. I removed all of the small screws on the bottom but I don't see the boards. It appears they are encased in the base. What am I missing. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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When all else fails, you could get an ITT Products sound module, GL520...

ITT Products Link

It'll run for about 30 seconds at the push of your accessory button.  If the Lionel speaker is 8Ω you should be able to use the same rather than provide your own.  Anyhow, wiring it to the same push button and accessory power, you'll have your beacon light and a great seashore/foghorn sound to complement.

Just a thought...


If you figure out how to expose the circuit board, I'm standing-back and standing-by to comment on what the problem could be.   The exploded parts list shows this as the circuit board which is/was $25 but NOT AVAILABLE from Lionel.

315276 6204119010

If this is indeed what the circuit board looks like, it's hard to believe the foghorn sound electronics is independent from the background sound electronics. 

But since this circuit board most likely drives the lighthouse motor/lights, there is some discussion as to the best way to restore and/or potentially enhance lighthouse operation.


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  • 315276 6204119010

True.  But there are no photos showing the bottom of the house.  So while one would think there are 4 mounting posts with screw holes molded into the corners of the building who really knows!

While hard to imagine, perhaps the 4 speaker chamber screws interior to the 4 screws you removed might have some effect?  Perhaps just loosen those a couple turns...but not enough to completely remove the screws...and see if the house loosens.  I'd think taking an x-acto knife or sharp hobby-knife run along the foundation of the house might also help loosen it if there's indication a thin layer of glue or whatever was used to "seal" the houses to the base.

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