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I can't speak to the box car but I spent a lot of time looking at the Lion-scale 3 bay hoppers at my local train shop and York.  I compared them to a MTH Premier 2 bay hopper and the MTH has a significant amount of more detail and as others said the Lion-scale is mostly molded detail.  The Lion-scale cars are still pretty good looking cars but may look a bit out of place if you are mixing them with MTH Premier or other Lionel scale cars.

@Norton posted:

What breaks on these? I have used a few pairs of the 50 ton trucks with no problems.

They also made a 70 ton truck. Both are NLA now.


They may have changed them by now, but originally the trucks are a mix of die cast and plastic.

The main problem is that the part of the truck that the mounting screw fastens against is very thin plastic. Once it snaps it’s very hard if not impossible to repair. AFIAIK, the individual parts of the trucks are not available and you have to buy the whole truck.

Original Weaver and the MTH repro trucks are good replacements, though not any cheaper, and maybe harder to find.

The Weaver cars were all full O scale, not compressed or downsized.    So they fit in with any other equipment that is also full scale.    As mentioned, the detail is all cast on except for brake stuff and ladders I think.     As for level of detail, many of the WEaver cars were based on Pullman-Standard prototype (PS-1, PS-2 etc) and most of those are welded construction, so they do not have much rivet detail just like the prototype.  

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