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Just received my Lionchief Plus 2.0 Genesis engine and it has no railsounds, horn or bell sounds.  Everything else seems to be operating as it should.  I generally run in conventional mode with a ZW transformer.  I also hooked it up to bluetooth mode with the same results.  When I press the horn button, the ditch lights flash but no horn sound. Again, no diesel sounds, bell or horn.  Is there a sound reset procedure ? Operator error ?

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Lionchief Plus 2.0 no longer has a physical volume pot for manual adjustment. It is all done digitally either via the Bluetooth app or TMCC control.

The manual

Also, there is no signalsound VS Railsounds switch as in the past

So, when connecting via bluetooth, you also ensured you raised ALL volume controls to max right?

You click on the speaker icon from the home page when connected

If it still doesn't work, then probably needs to go back to Lionel.


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Good information on volume control using Bluetooth control.

But just curious about the OP's experience getting no sounds at all. I recently received one of the new Genesis Lion Chief 2.0 locos and all the sounds were there (pre-set so to speak) right out of the box at a good volume. In fact, I think all my LC 2.0 locos have arrived that way.

Anyway, give it a try with the volume control settings. Maybe yours is different. Just seems strange and here's hoping it's not something requiring a return.

@Stinky posted:

Nope, no sound at all.  Checked all volume controls on bluetooth and all on near full volume

Given Lionel's strict policy guidance, you could go to the dealer and see if they offer a DOA exchange since it's clearly not your fault and they delivered a defective unit, or they may force you to go to lionel.

Absolutely no sound does appear to be a bigger problem.

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