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I bought this brand new from Hiawatha Hobbies.  I have only run it a couple of times as my layout had been under construction for the past six months.  Now, that everything is up I'm running trains.  I have several brand new locomotives that were made after this locomotive like the new Pennsylvania Berkshire and the new GG1.  Is there an upgrade that can be done to this Hudson that will permit this to be controlled as a TMCC or Bluetooth?  Also, the sound cuts out at random from time to time. 

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1) There are no LC+2 upgrades that I know of.

2) Does this occur over specific places on the layout or purely randomly? On a previous iteration of my layout, the sound on my LC+2.0 berk would cut out or "pop" at very specific places on the layout. No issues with the train light or operation, only sound. I could stop the train and reverse direction over those spots and get the cut out/pop with fairly good consistency, but nowhere else on the layout. Took apart and rebuilt the layout since then, but never figured out that mystery.

Check out the gateway or "Hotspot" function in the Universal Remote (6-83071).  If I read things correctly this will allow you to control your LC+ locomotives (that don't have Bluetooth) via Bluetooth.

You basically set up the Universal Remote to control your engine, and once it works you then address the remote with your phone via Bluetooth (instead of addressing the loco directly).

See this link for instructions on putting the Universal Remote into Hotspot mode:


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